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The U.S. National Weather Service confirms that Scottsdale has more sun filled days

 than any other city in the United States!

In the warmer months, (May to August), air conditioning is used everywhere. Especially in the auto! Drinking LOTS OF WATER is essential! This will help prevent dehydration, and increase energy! August brings short-lived dramatic storms, mostly at night, first a wind and then water, accompanied by lightning and thunder!   "Winter" is paradise, when flowers are planted and convertable tops are down.
What To Wear
Arizona dress is refreshingly casual. Arizona evening wear is slightly more dressy.  Ties for men are not required in family-style establishments. Sweaters, jeans, and Western wear are usual for cookouts and "cowboy" nightspots. 

Office clothes are required for business, although Friday is becoming "casual Friday."

Daytime dress for women: skirts, shorts, slacks, jeans, sweaters, light jackets. Daytime dress for men: slacks, shorts, sport-shirts, sweaters or sportscoats. Women may prefer warmer dress for evening when out in the cool desert night.

Pack your swim-wear, sunglasses, and sun screen FIRST! Women need sundresses or shorts. Men need shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Light sweaters may be desired for the air conditioning!

Women need light slacks, jeans, skirts and light sweaters. Men need light clothing for daytime. Bring a light jacket or sweater, it may get cold in Phoenix and yes, we even get snow now and then.

Places to Visit
It is a relatively short drive to some of the most scenic places in the United States, places you see in just about every movie every made, like the Grand Canyon, San Diego, the red rocks of Sedona, Sante Fe New Mexico, or the majestic beauty of Canyonlands Park in Utah; all of which are only hours from Phoenix. 

Fun Destinations to check out in AZ, click anyone of these links:

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Montezuma Castle
Oak Creek Canyon
Painted Desert
Petrified ForestSan Xavier del Bac Mission
Superstition Mountain
Tombstone Arizona
White Mountains

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