Clinical Educaitonal Services

As an added service to our nurses clients, CBH provides clinical educaitonal services to assist nurses in acclimating to the American Heatlhcare System.  Services are provided by Carol O. Long, Ph.D, R.N. of The Capstone Hearlhcare Group and are included as part of our package at no cost to our nurse clients.


Carol O. Long, Ph.D., R.N. is a national expert and consultant in community-based health care. Dr. Long has had various management positions over 20 years ranging from case management to Vice-President of a hospital to over 13 years of academic teaching at the both the community college and university levels. Dr. Long has over 105 articles, book chapters, abstracts, and monographs on home health care, end-of-life care, quality improvement, telehealth, technology and education and her work has appeared in the Alzheimer’s Care Quarterly, American Journal of Nursing, The Arizona Nurse, Arizona Geriatrics Society Journal, Nursing2003-2004-2005-2006, Applied Nursing Research, Journal of the Academy of Nursing Practitioners, Nurse Practitioner, Dimensions in Critical Care Nursing, Computers in Nursing Plus, Holistic Nursing Practice, Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, Home Health Care Practice and Management, Caring, Home Healthcare Nurse Manager, and Home Healthcare Nurse, where she has been a contributing editor.

She has recently copyrighted the workbook Safe Passage for international nurses who have immigrated or are planning to immigrate to the United States and is the evaluation consultant for a half-million dollar Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant at Mesa Community College.

Dr. Long is affiliated with Mesa Community College and Arizona State University College of Nursing. Dr. Long has her B.S.N. from Marquette University (1974), a M.S. from the University of Michigan (1978), and Ph.D. in Sociology from Arizona State University (1997).

Carol Long and Claudia Bueno (Left in red and next to her in white) with some of our nurse clients.